CBS Tower New York 1961650

Architect: Eero Saarinnen Engineer: Paul Weidllnger

The 38-story CBS tower Is a stark vertical extrusion of the rectangular floor plan. Columns forming a framed tube are expressed as triangular extrusions on the upper floors and diamond shaped on the ground floor. The triangular columns Include niches for mechanical ducts and pipes. The niches decrease from top to bottom with the decreasing duct sizes that run down from the mechanical room on the top floor. The decreasing niches result In increasing net column size that coincides with increasing load as It accumulates from top down. Concrete floors span between the walls of a central core and the framed tube, providing a column-free donut-shape floor space for flexible use. The four sides facing the core feature one-way rib slabs, but the fo ji corners have two-way waffle slabs, designed to make the transition nom ore drect'on to 'he other. Glad In black granite the closely spaced triangular columns expier a stark vertlcallty, perforated with regular windows m i all but the top and ground iicoro. The top mechanical floor has ventilation louvers InstecO of v/iroovs , the ground floors have taller windows and doers. The articulator i of icp ciild bottom of the façade emphasizes the most prominent part of the buildlra a strategy often use for the design of tall buildings.

,t part oT tne c ir pi an: 155x125 feet (47x38m)

Typical story height: 12 feet (3.66m)

Floor-to-ceiling height: 8.75 feet (2.67m)

Height/width ratio 3.9

A Column profile at top floor B Column profile at lower floors C Column profile at ground floor



, 22" „





Stark Tower Blueprints

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