Fuji Pavilion Expo 70 Osaka 1970

Architect: Yutaka Murata Engineer: Mamoru Kawaguchi

The Fuji Pavilion housed an exhibit and light show of the Fuji corporation in a unique, organic form. Over a circular floor plan of 164 feet (50 meter) diameter, the pavilion featured a vaulted fabric structure composed of 16 pneumatic arched tubes. The tubes of 13 feet (4 meter) diameter were tied together by horizontal belts at 13 feet (4 meter) intervals. The tubes consisted of two vinyl fabric layers that were glued together for improved tear resistance. Given the circular floor plane, the arching tubes of equal length form cross sections that vary from semi-circular at the center to semi-elliptical at the entries on both opposite ends. To adjust the structure's stiffness in response to various wind pressures, the tubes were connected by pipes to a multi-stage turbo blower, that provided 1,000 to 2,500 mm water pressure.

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