To create the main roof

O Make drawing file 112 Roof current and set 110 Top floor model and 3 Chimney to edit mode.

O Make only the layers AR_WALL, AR_ROOF and AR_CHIMN visible.

0 In the Tools palette, select the 4 General: Roofs, Planes, Sections module.

1 Click ^ Roof Frame (Create area) and activate the layer AR_ROOF.

2 Click z Gable/Hip Roof.

3 Click Angle and enter 35.

The bottom of the roof frame is to be flush with the lower default reference plane in the upper floor.

4 Click Bottom level and enter 2.64.

5 Click Top level and enter 10, as the top level of the roof frame needs to be above the future ridge.

6 Click Eaves and enter the height of the eaves: 3.44.

Roof F 0



Angle Slope


Elv Ln Eaves

Top level Bottom






Tip: When you enter the outline of a roof, you can define an offset as you would when enclosing entities in a parallel offset polyline. The standard polyline entry tools are also available here.

Now enter the rectangular outline of the roof (lines representing the eaves):

7 Click with the right mouse button in the empty workspace (do not click an element!), select Point of Intersection on the shortcut menu and click the first corner.

8 Click a diagonally opposite point and then press ESC. This defines a rectangle.

A = 1. polygon point = point of intersection B = Diagonally opposite point

9 Click 3 Viewports.

The roof frame is still a simple cube.

10 In plan view, click the edges of the roof to indicate where the slopes are to be applied.

Observe the changes as they happen in the isometric view.

Estructura Hss Medidas

A = Click edges of roof frame to apply slopes

11 To finish defining the roof, press ESC or click with the right mouse button when the cursor is positioned over a toolbar.

You can now create the dormer using two more pairs of custom reference planes. To define the position of the slopes, you will use the height of the eaves. The dormer's eaves are 4.48 m high and consequently higher than the eaves of the main roof.

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