Analysing Architecture

'analysing ARCHITECTURE should become an essential part of all architectural education and an informative guide to the powerful analytical tool of architectural drawing.'

Howard Ray Lawrence, Pennsylvania State University analysing ARCHITECTURE offers a unique 'notebook' of architectural strategies to present an engaging introduction to elements and concepts in architectural design. Beautifully illustrated throughout with the author's original drawings, examples from across architectural history, from primitive places to late twentieth-century structures, are used to illustrate a number of analytical themes and to show how drawing can be used to study architecture.

Simon Unwin clearly identifies the key elements of architecture and conceptual themes apparent in buildings. He describes ideas for use in the active process of design. Breaking down the grammar of architecture into themes and 'moves', Unwin exposes its underlying patterns to reveal the organisational strategies that lie beneath the superficial appearances of buildings.

Exploring buildings as results of the interaction of people with the world around them, analysing ARCHITECTURE offers a definition of architecture as 'identification of place', and provides a greater understanding of architecture as a creative discipline. This book presents a powerful impetus for readers to develop their own capacities for architectural design.

Simon Unwin is Lecturer in Architecture at The Welsh School of Architecture, University of Wales, Cardiff.

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