Fig. 6.55. The global chronological map. The "Scaligerian history textbook" is presented as a compilation of four practically identical short chronicles.

tion, or a duplicate of a certain later actual historical epoch from the XI-XVII century a.d. This latter epoch is actually the prototype of all the duplicates (reflections) generated thereby.

The period of the XVII-XX century a.d. contains no major statistical phantom duplicates. The interval of the X-XIII century appears to be the "sum" of two chronicles: a real one, describing certain events of the X-XIII century, and a phantom duplicate, introduced from the period of XIV-XVII century a.d. with a chronological shift by approximately 300 years backwards.

One of the last events that the chronological shift has shifted backwards from its actual epoch of XIV-XVIII century was probably the result of the activity of a well-known mediaeval chronologist Dionysius

Petavius (1583-1652). He is "reflected in the past", in particular, as Dionysius the Little, in the alleged VI century a.d. It is interesting that our empirico-sta-tistical methods had not revealed any statistical duplicates for the events which occurred after Dionysius Petavius. One may state that after the death of Dionysius Petavius, there were no further chronological shifts in history. Most likely, this indicates that Scaliger and Petavius invented these shifts themselves and "multiplied history" in several copies. In the following chapters we shall discuss our hypothesis concerning their motivations.

The assertion that the stratification of the Scaligerian textbook is exposed not only for the history of Europe and the Mediterranean, but for the entire global chronological map as well, in Scaligerian datings, including Asia, Egypt, etc. is the main result of the first stage of our studies in 1974-1980.

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