Anno Dom Incarn D Cccc Xcviiiiiownov

An explanatory plaque of the museum says the date is 999 a.d., 11th of November. However, this date can be read in a substantially different manner. Namely,

Year (ANNO) of the House (i.e. dynasty, DOM), from the Accession (INCARN), of the House (D) four hundred (CCCC) ninety-ninth (XCVIIII).

Which is " Year four hundred ninety-nine from the Accession of the House".

Question: from the accession of which House, i.e. dynasty, should one count these 499 years? Answers can be most diverse. For example, counting from the Sca-ligerian date of the accession of the dynasty of the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation allegedly in the X century, Empress Gisela - and her husband Conrad II as well - were buried in the fifteenth or even the sixteenth century a.d. Counting from the Nativity of Christ in the XI century, we arrive at the sixteenth century again. Let us recall that the Holy Roman Empire allegedly of X-XIII century is a partial reflection of a later dynasty of Habsburgs of the XIV-XVI century. So this can be a circumstance to explain the late dating obtained upon our reading of the inscription.

We do not insist this is the only way to decode the inscription on the tomb of "ancient" Empress Gisela. Nonetheless, the fact that the inscription can be read in such a way as to perfectly conform to our reconstruction is hardly a mere coincidence.

13.5.3. Another example: the date on the headstone of Emperor Rudolf Habsburg

The same Speyer Dom has an old gravestone from the tomb of King Rudolf of Habsburg (Nov-Gorod?), who died in the alleged year 1291 ([1408], page 16).

Fig. 6.96. The gravestone of king Rudolf Habsburg who had allegedly died in 1291. See [1408], page 17, or [1407], page 13.


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