Byzantine Empire

Theodosius I the Great Arcadius

42 Theodosius II

17 Leo I 17 Zeno

27 Anastasius Justin I

38 Justinian the Great

13 Justin II

Tiberius Constantinus

20 Maurice


31 Heraclius

26 Constans II Pogonatus 17 Constantine IV

32 Strife (8 emperors) 24 Leo III Isaurian

34 Constantine V Copronymus Constantine VI Porphyrogenitus

37 Manuel I Comnenus

Isaac II Angleus

18 Theodore I Lascaris 12 Isaac II Angleus

• 32 John III Vatatzes Michael VIII 46 Andronicus II Paleologus

Andronicus III Paleologus John VI Cantacusen

50 John V Paleologus

34 Manuel II Paleologus John VIII Paleologus

An identification of the English dynastic jet of 643-1327 a.d. with the Byzantine dynastic jet of 378-1453 a.d. by durations of reign. See more details in Chron4, Part 2.

Fig. 6.43. Reign correlation of the English kings and the Byzantine emperors.

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