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Fig. 1.2. The title page of Rationarium Temporum by D. Petavius, published in 1652. Taken from [1338]. Mark that the Latin letters U and V were often subject to flexion in XVI-XVIII century texts.

The mediaeval portrait of I. Scaliger can be seen on fig. 1.1. This is an etching from Athena Batavia, a book by Johannes Mercius ([35], page 25).

Scaliger's principal works on chronology are as follows:

1) Scaliger I. Opus novum de emendatione temporum. Lutetiac. Paris, 1583 ([1387]).

2) Scaliger I. Thesaurum temporum. 1606 ([1387]).

For the most part, the body of Scaliger's work was concluded by Dionysius Petavius (1583-1652). The best-known book of the latter is titled De doctrina temporum, Paris, 1627 ([1337]). Figs. 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 show the title page of his Rationarium Temporum, published in 1652 ([1338]), and the titles of the first two volumes.

Gerhard Friedrich Miller (1705-1783) "revised" the Russian history and chronology in the XVIII century in accordance with Scaliger's scheme. His portrait can be seen on fig. 1.5. See more about the endeavours of Miller and his German colleagues in Chron4.

Let us mention the works of the XVIII-XIX century, which contain a great array of factual chronological data, such as [1155], [1205], [1236] and [1275], They are of great value to us since they provide a snapshot of the state of chronology during the epoch of a greater proximity to Scaliger and Petavius. This materia] is thus of a more primordial nature, not "painted over" by latter cosmetic layers. It must be noted that this series remains incomplete as well as several other similar chronological works. To quote the prominent contemporary chronologist E. Bickerman:"There has been no chronological research ever conducted that could be called exhaustive and conforming to modern standards" ([72], page 90, comment 1).

Hence it would be correct to call the modern consensual chronology of the Classical period and the

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