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This is how both graph would look stipulating the correct dating of the Apocalypse.

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Fig. 5.43. A frequency graph for the Biblical Apocalypse. It is amazing that the graph peaks on the chapters that are located at some distance from the actual Apocalypse, and not the ones in its immediate vicinity. It indicates that the current location of the Apocalypse in the Biblical canon is apparently incorrect.

out. As a result, we will find the chronologically accurate order of "chapters" of the Bible.

This chronologically correct "mixing" of the Biblical books was described above. It is interesting that, with the "mixing", we discovered that the New Testament Apocalypse appears to be near the Old Testament prophecies and "chapters" 69-75 - in particular, the Old Testament prophecy of Daniel, which is in perfect conformity with a well-known viewpoint that the prophecy of Daniel is "an Apocalypse in many ways similar to one from the New Testament" ([765], p. 136).

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