1276-1600 1273-1600

The Russian Horde Empire The Habsburg Empire

From 1605 and on-the Great Embroilment in Russia From 1618 and on-the beginning of the 30-year war. The end of the Horde Empire. Dynasty change. The end of the old Habsburg empire

The beginning of the Romanov reign. Dynasty change.

Fig. 6.29. Reign correlation of the Russian Czar-Khans of 1276-1600 A.D. and the rulers of the Habsburg Empire of 1273-1600 A.D.

The Great Strife followed by a dynasty change.

1605 @ Boris 1598 | "Godunov" 1598 ■ Feodor


The end of the Habsburg empire. The beginning of the 30-year war in Germany.

12) Maximilian II

1564J564 0 Ferdinand " 1558

1558 or 1556 Charles V

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