Textbook Of Ancient And Mediaeval History In The Consensual Scaligerpetavius Datings

In 1974-1980 the author analyzed the Scaligerian chronology of ancient and mediaeval history of Europe, the Mediterranean, Egypt, and the Middle East with the following idea in mind: the historical and chronological data of Blair's tables ([76]) and 14 others indicated in the bibliography were complemented by information from more than two hundred other texts - chronicles, annals, etc., - which collectively contain descriptions of virtually all main events in the mentioned regions allegedly between 4000 b.c. and 1900 a.d., in the Scaligerian dating. All this data -wars, kings, main events, empires, etc. - was then displayed graphically on a plane as a global chronological map stretched along the horizontal time axis. It took several years to work this map out. At different times, different participants of the New Statistical Chronology project, which emerged as a result, would assist the author.

Each epoch, with all its events in Scaligerian dating, was depicted on the map in detail, in due place along the time axis. Each event was shown on the plane as a point or a horizontal segment. The date of an event was determined by projecting a point or segment onto the time axis. The beginning of a segment showed the beginning of an event, the end of a segment marked the end of an event, - for example, the reign of a king. If epochs (A, B) and (C, D), as described by different chronicles, were simultaneous or overlapping for different countries, they were depicted on the global chronological map one on top the other in vertical development, to avoid confusion resulting from their identification with one another.

Thus, this global chronological map depicts a most complete "textbook" on ancient and mediaeval history for all indicated regions in the Scaligerian dating.

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