The Astronomical Dating Of The Apocalypse By The Horoscope It Contains

The Apocalypse apparently contains the descriptions of the stars in the sky. They give us the following horoscope:

1. Jupiter in Sagittarius,

2. Mars in Gemini or Taurus (N. A. Morozov included Aries here as well),

3. Saturn in Scorpio,

4. Mercury in Libra,

5. The sun in Virgo,

6. The moon under the feet of Virgo,

For a rough astronomical calculation, even three of these basic planets would suffice: Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn. The sun moves rapidly and makes a complete zodiacal revolution in a year. Therefore it is only useful in determining the month. Mercury is usually poorly visible. (See above.) Therefore, errors were frequently made in determining its position in the Middle Ages.

• The Assertion of N. A. Morozov ([542] and [544], Volume 1, pages 48-50)

N. A. Morozov asserted that the three basic planets of Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn were sufficient for dating the Apocalypse to not earlier than the fourth century a.d., because the indicated horoscope, that is, the arrangement of planets, was only true for 395, 632,1249, and 1486 a.d.

N. A. Morozov thought that 395 a.d. was the best solution, but in this solution Mars is located above Aries, which, as we have noted, is not very fitting. Morozov was satisfied with this answer, because he thought the Apocalypse could not have been written after the fourth century a.d. But his result was cautiously formulated in this manner: "If the Apocalypse was written during the first four centuries of the Christian era, this happened in 395 a.d." ([542]).

However, nowadays, after the new research into the chronology of antiquity, we understand that Morozov had no real point in limiting himself to the first four centuries of the new era.

After freeing ourselves from these limitations, we can see two additional solutions: a 1249 solution and 1 October, 1486. The solution of 1249 is worse because Mercury, which in this case is in Virgo, is nearer to Leo in that year.

• Main Assertion (A. T. Fomenko and G. V. No-sovskiy)

The solution of 1 October 1486 ideally satisfies all conditions, as indicated in the Apocalypse:

Jupiter is in Sagittarius,

Saturn is in Scorpio,

Mars is in Gemini, close to the boundary with Aries, and direcdy at the feet of Perseus,

Mercury is in Libra,

The sun is in Virgo,

The moon is under the feet of Virgo, and

Venus is in Leo.

The arrangement of the planets on 1 October 1486 (shown in figure 3.32) provides clear evidence that all planets are found exacdy in the constellations indi-

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