The Daily Rotation Of The Northern Crown

In the northern moderate zone of the terrestrial globe, the upper parts of the sectors, or the "wings", never set; however, the lower parts, or the "knees" of the "elders" (sectors) first descend below the horizon, then rise above it again. Therefore, it looks like each sidereal hour rises from its knees on the eastern part of the horizon and then goes down on its knees in the west. They were thus perceived as worshiping the centre of rotation, the north pole of the sky and the constellation of the Throne near it.

Once again, all of this is accurately described in the Apocalypse. Actually, the Apocalypse says: "The twenty-four elders fall down before him who sits on the throne, and worship him who lives for ever and ever"(AP 4:10).

In the process of everyday rotation in the Mediterranean latitudes, the constellation of the Northern Crown first rises into the zenith, then descends into the northern part of the horizon. What we have in mind is a local zenith for the latitude of the island of Patmos.

We shan't continue with the enumeration of other constellations and stars mentioned in the Apocalypse, because the presence of astronomical symbolism in the Apocalypse has already become perfectly clear. (See also [542] and [544]).

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