John Vîlf Palaaologua v 1 / 1453

John ill(1256} j Palaaologua ~Fallot

Vatatees WêêêêêêêêêÊ Dynasty of Palaeofogus . 1261 -1453 7 bonstantinople

Michael VIII

Byzantine Empire-3

1220 1240 1260 1200 1300 1320 1340 1360 13») 1400 1420 1440 1400 1480

Fig. 6.46. A superposition of the mediaeval English history and the mediaeval Byzantine history with a rigid shift. Part three.

a - "ancient" kingdom of Judah, allegedly 928-587 b.c. ([72], page 192), described in the Bible, 1-2 Samuel +1-2 Kings and Chronicles. Different versions of durations of reigns extracted from different chapters of the Bible are given in fig. 6.13. Jerusalem is considered to be the capital of Judah.

■ b = dynastic jet from the early mediaeval Eastern Roman Empire of allegedly 300-552 a.d. New Rome i.e., Constantinople is considered to be the capital.

la. Rehoboam (17 years).

2a. Abijah (3 years). His name means "the father of God" [544].

■ 2b. Arius 330-333 (3 years) or (5 years) or (8 years), several versions. The founder of a well-known religious trend - Arianism.

■ 3b. The well-known Saint Basil the Great 333-378 (45 years). The name Basil, i.e., Bazileus, means simply King.

4a. Jehoshaphat (25 years).

5a. Jehoram of Judah (8 years). Separation of Edom occurs in his time. Then follows a 76 years' inset. See details below.

■ 5b.Arcadius 395-408 (13 years). Separation of the Western Roman Empire from the Eastern one occurs in his time.

6a. Uzziah (52 years). He participates in a church dispute, is cursed and "afflicted with leprosy".

■ 6b. Theodosius II408-450 + Marcian 450-457 (in total 49 years). The well-known church dispute in the Ephesian council.

la. Interregnum (2 years). In 2 Chronicles, there is a lacuna here.

■ lb. Attilas invasion to the Roman Empire, and anarchy 451-453 (2 years).

9a. Ahaz (16 years). Rezin king of Aram and Pekah attack Jerusalem. Ahaz turns for help to Tiglath-Pileser, duplicate of Theodoric, see below.

■ 9b. Zenon 474-491 (17 years). German leader Odoacer attacks Rome. Reamer, the Western Roman ruler, 456-472, is a probable duplicate of Biblical Rezin, see above. Zenon turns for help to Theodoric the Gothic.

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