Which Are Phantom Duplicates Or Reflections Of The Mediaeval Originals

Let us describe the phantom epoch blocks in the Scaligerian chronicle E in greater detail, moving from left to right along the time axis. Let us also point out appropriate chronological milestones, or the Scaligerian dates, which characterize each fragment of the chronicle E. Let us explain that historical events, or even entire epochs, indicated with the same symbol, e.g. Ny in fig. 6.55, appear to be chronological duplicates, or reflections of the same mediaeval original. The same information is shown in more detail in fig. 6.56, fig. 6.57 and fig. 6.58.

Thus: chronicle E =

(T) = ancient Greek legends of Dardanus and "the Dardanus' flood".

(K) = the legendary Trojan kingdom of seven kings, allegedly in 1460-1240 b.c.

(T) = the famous Trojan War and the fall of Troy, allegedly in 1236-1226 b.c.

(N) = dynasties of kings of the "ancient" Greece from the fall of Troy to the foundation of Rome.

(T) = the second variant of dating for the fall of Troy, approximately 1-2 generations prior to the foundation of Rome, allegedly about 850-830 b.c. Such was the opinion of the "ancient" authors Hellanic and Da-mastus ( [579], pages 23-25, who lived in the alleged IV century b.c. This opinion was later supported by Aristotle. Then follows the flight of Aeneas and Trojan survivors after the fall of Troy. The history of their descendants and landing in Italy.

(T) = legends about Romulus and Remus, the foundation of Rome, the rape of the Sabines, allegedly about 760-753 b.c.

(K/R) = the Regal Rome of seven kings, allegedly about 753-523 b.c. The Regal Rome is described by Titus Livy. We will sometimes refer to this kingdom as the First Roman Empire.

(T) = expatriation of kings from Rome, the revolt in Rome, the war against the Tarquinians, the fall of the Regal Rome, the foundation of the "ancient" Roman republic, allegedly 522-509 b.c.

(N/S) = "ancient" republican Rome and "ancient" Greece, the Greco-Persian wars, the Peloponnes war, the Carthaginian (Punic) wars of Rome, the empire of Alexander of Macedonia, allegedly 509-82 b.c.

(T) = the fall of republic in Rome, Sulla, Pompey, Caesar, Octavianus, civil wars in Italy, allegedly 82-23 b.c.

(K/R) = the Roman Empire allegedly from 82-27 years to 217 a.d. Near the beginning of a.d., the activity of Jesus Christ starts. We will sometimes refer to this Empire as the Second Roman Empire.

(T) = wars and crises in Italy allegedly in the middle of the III century a.d.(235-251), wars against the Goths, the so-called "soldier emperors" in Rome, the period of anarchy allegedly in 217-251 a.d.

(T) = restoration of the Roman Empire under Au-relian and civil wars of this period, allegedly 270-306

(K/P/S/R) = the Roman Empire allegedly from 306 to 526 a.d. Sometimes we will call this kingdom the Third Roman Empire.

(T) = the well-known Gothic war in Italy, allegedly in the middle of the VI century a.d., the collapse of the Western Empire of Rome, Justinian, Velizarius, Narses, allegedly 535-552 a.d.

(N/P/R) = mediaeval Papal Rome of allegedly 553-900 a.d. and the Carolingians, the Empire of Charles the Great from Pepin of Heristal to Charles the Fat, allegedly 681-887 a.d.

(T) = the epoch of Alberic I and Theodora I in Rome, allegedly 901-924 a.d.

(T) = the epoch of Alberic II and Theodora II in Italy, allegedly 931-954 a.d.

((Ky Ry P)/S) = the Holy Roman Empire, allegedly 962-1250 a.d.

(T) - the well-known war in Italy in the middle of the XIII century a.d., the fall of the Hohenstaufen dynasty, establishment of the House of Anjou, Conrad, Manfred, Charles of Anjou, 1250-1268 a.d.

(S,N) = The Roman-German Empire of the Habsburgs (Nov-gorod?), 1273-1619 a.d., in the same period - the bloom of mediaeval Greece, the crusader states on the territory of Greece, then the Ottoman = Ataman invasion, the fall of Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire, formation of the Ottoman = Ataman Empire.

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