This estate of 144 housing units was intended largely for first-time buyers and construction costs were therefore limited. The relatively low building costs of the pitch roof are exploited in a symmetrical section with the eaves of the roof at first-floor level. This also generates a small-scale domestic architecture.

The section is used in two house types. The starting point was the terraces, which have slender dormers articulating the rhythm of the facade. The end terraces have an additional bay on the ground floor and a hipped roof. As all of the housing is located on the ground floor, the units are also suitable for residents with disabilities. The second house type using this section is semidetached. Here, too, the end of the row is articulated with a hipped roof. The floor plans are flexible.

The architecture is simple and very direct, and strongly suggests the pre-Modernist work of Tessenow, May and Dudok. The roofs are finished with concrete tiles, and the external walls use two types of facing brick. The roofs and dormers are fully prefabricated, with solar panels integrated into the ridges. Gutters and downpipes consciously form part of the overall appearance. The window frames to the front elevations project slightly, suggesting they have been stuck on to the facade. Such nuances remind one that the evident ordinariness of these buildings, constructed with traditional products and standard techniques, belies considerable attention from their designers.

The directness of the architecture relies on the articulation of ordinary items such as gutters, downpipes and prefabricated dormers.
The dormers become part of the terrace gables, finished in two types of facing brick. The apparent inevitability of the result recalls early Rationalists such as Tessenow.


Plan showing the simple row housing. Hipped ends indicate houses with an additional ground-floor bay.
Slender dormers give a rhythm to the facades.
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