Developed by the Basque government, the complex consists of 168 units on the periphery of Vitoria in a locality made up of a compact, well-ordered arrangement of orthogonal, medium-sized city blocks constructed in the 1970s. The units are situated on the northern edge of this area, grouped in four large, longitudinal blocks - a strong architectural reference point in relation to the large open space close by.

Each of these large blocks is composed of connected parallel sub-blocks. These are built around their own central open space, which is covered with glass to suit the local climate - cooler and wetter than much of Spain - and which contains the lifts and stairs, thus encouraging communal usage.

The housing units themselves feature a number of design elements that enable users to adapt and change the spaces: the windows of the facade are standardised behind a continuous balcony; the wet zones of kitchen and bathroom are arranged in a single linear band; flooring is in one continuous material; and internal partitions are made of plasterboard. The construction method adopted also means that the dwellings can be subdivided to suit different family sizes, even allowing for a separate zone for home-working close to the entrance of each apartment.

Each apartment has two facades - one external, the other looking on to the glass-covered courtyard - to enable cross-ventilation. The facades have ventilated cavities, and are lightly clad with modular cellulose, fibre-cement and natural-fibre panels. Thermal efficiency is maximised via the use of features such as high-thermal-mass floor structures.

The facades are interrupted by giant openings to the covered space beyond.

The facades are interrupted by giant openings to the covered space beyond.

The court under the canopy includes vertical circulation and is intended to promote communal usage.

Each pair of buildings, linked by a rain canopy, forms a single strong block Cross-section showing the relationship between the covered open spaces and makes a strong reference point for the neighbourhood. and the external courtyard.

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