The Bruggerstrasse School forms part of a composition of three buildings: the refurbishment and conversion of a former social centre for Brown Boveri & Cie (an electrical engineering firm now fused with the Swedish company ASEA under the name ABB) built by Armin Meili in 1954; a new sports centre containing two double pitches; and the classroom building itself. The fully glazed, 110-metre (360-foot) long, six-storey building occupies the northeast edge of the site, facing the road into Baden. The aim of the architects was to deliver a building which, 'converging towards a classicist understanding of architecture achieves a harmony and timeless perfection at the foundation of an open and social school model and creates a stimulating environment for teaching and learning'.

Accommodating teaching and practical training spaces for subjects such as electronics, vehicle mechanics and informatics, the layout is unconventional. The classrooms are located in the centre of the building and, interspersed with staircase cores, are accessed from the circulation corridors running between the teaching spaces and the outer facades. Controlled mechanical ventilation in the classrooms takes advantage of the corridors as climatic buffer zones, providing stable temperatures throughout the year and also preventing glare from direct sunlight in the teaching spaces.

The structure consists of five parallel rows of concrete columns (two rows in each facade, two in each interior corridor wall and one in the centre) running the whole length of the building, their depth partly accommodating mechanical and electrical equipment, and floor-to-ceiling glazing panels between the columns in each row separate the classrooms. However, this formal layout is also flexible, as the classrooms can be interconnected to accommodate different functions in future.

Externally, the storey-high glazing panels and bronze glazing profiles give a neutral character to the hybrid programme of the building.

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