Accessible Connections

way for a worker to insert the screws into the lower edge of a panel.

5. Avoid connections that lie behind columns and spandrel beams, in sharp inside corners, or in re-entrant corners. These positions are difficult to reach, if they can be reached at all. In tight locations such as these, be sure not only that the worker can reach the connection but also that there is space for the hammer, wrench, or screwdriver that must be used to make the connection. It's also desirable that the worker be able to see the connection rather than have to work by "feel."

The best location for a cladding connection to the spandrel of a building is on top of the edge of a floor slab, where full access is easv. A connection in this location will have to be covered bv interior finish surfaces, such as con-

j vector covers, but it is much easier to

make than connections at the ceiling or in the cramped gap between the spandrel beam and the cladding. ■

Connections and sealant joints are hard to reach

5. Cladding Panel Connections

All connections and sealant joints are accessible

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