Clean Edge

Incorrect: Sharp Edges Correct: Chamfered Edges 2. Edge Details for Concrete _

3. Sharp angles on stonework and masonry are also unforgiving of minor construction mishaps and are very difficult to repair. Chamfered edges, rounded edges, quirk miters, and reveals are clean, forgiving edge details for sharp masonry corners. To crcate these types of corners in brickwork, specify specially molded brick shapes. Acute-angle corners that are woven of square bricks have water-catching recesses that lead to premature deterioration. Bricks that arc cut to an angle with a hammer or a saw have an unattractive finish on the cut surface.

4. Exposed edges of plaster, stucco, and gypsum board must always be bounded by the appropriate casing beads and corner beads. These help the plasterer to maintain a constant thickness of wall and to crcate clean edges that join neatly to surrounding materials. There are also many accessory strips manufactured in aluminum and plastic that the detailer can use to crcate crisp, cleanly finished reveals and joints in plaster surfaces. ■

Rounded Edge

Specially Molded " Bricks

3. Clean Edges on Sharp Corners of Masonry


Rounded Edge

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