Detailing Masonry

*Beall, Christine. Masonry Design and Detailing for Architects, Engineers, and Builders (2nd ed.). New York, McGraw-Hill, 1987. (This is the best general detailing reference for masonry of all types.)

0 Brick Institute of America. BIA Technical Notes on Brick Construction. (Updated frequently, this is a large ring binder that contains the latest information on every conceivable topic needed to detail brickwork.) Address for ordering: Brick Institute of America, 11490 Commerce Park Drive, Reston, VA 22091, (703) 620-0010.

Indiana Limestone Institute of America, Inc. Indiana Limestone Institute of America, Inc., Handbook. (Updated frequently, this manual gives complete information for detailing limestone.) Address for ordering: Indiana Limestone Institute of America, Inc., Suite 400, Stone City Bank Building, Bedford, IN 47421, (812) 275-4426.

Marble Institute of America. Dimensional Stone. (This large loose-leaf binder, updated frequently, emphasizes the detailing of marble, but it is applicable also to granite.) Address for ordering: Marble Institute of America, 33505 State Street, Farmington, MI 48024, (313) 476-5558.

0National Concrete Masonry Association. Architectural and Engineering Concrete Masonry Details for Building Construction. McLean, VA, 1976. (A treasury of typical concrete masonry details.) Address for ordering: National Concrete Masonry Association, P.O. Box 781, Herndon, VA 22070-0781, (703) 435-4900.

* National Concrete Masonry Association. A Manual of Facts on Concrete Masonry. (A large, continually updated ring binder with everything a detailer needs to know about concrete masonry.) Address for ordering: See above.

Randall, Frank A., and William C. Panarese. Concrete Masonry Handbook for Architects, Engineers, and Builders. Skokie, IL, Pordand Cement Association, 1988. (This is an excellent, well-illustrated reference on detailing concrete masonry.) Address for ordering: Pordand Cement Association, 5420 Old Orchard Road, Skokie, IL 60076, (708) 966-9559.


The Aluminum Association. Aluminum Standards and Data. (Updated every two years, this is a basic reference on aluminum alloys and product forms.) Address for ordering: The Aluminum Association, Suite 300, 900 Nineteenth St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006.

The Aluminum Association. Structural Design with Aluminum, 1987. (A short introduction to aluminum structures.) Address for ordering: See above.

•American Institute of Steel Construction. Manual of Steel Construction (9th ed.). Chicago, 1989. (This contains basic information on available steel shapes, their properties, and steel connections. Address for ordering: AISC, One East Wacker Drive, Suite 3100, Chicago, IL 60601-2001, (312) 670-5435.

American Institute of Steel Construction. Detailing for Steel Construction. Chicago, 1983. (This is a textbook for beginning detailers of structural steel.) Address for ordering: Sec above.

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