Detailing The Corners And Columns

Now we develop a detail of the wall at the same scale, but in horizontal section (plan view), examining what happens at the columns and at the corners of the building. The basic arrangement of the components follows almost automatically from the spandrel detail developed earlier. We add dovetail slots and anchors to tie the ends of the brick wall segments to the columns. In accordance with the joint pattern worked out earlier in elevation view, we show the Expansion Joint in the brick facing at the centers of the columns. At the outside corner of the building, we must add an expansion joint to allow plenty of dimension for differential expansion and contraction of the adjacent wall planes as the sun moves around the building. We try first to do this with a single joint a half-brick length from the corner, but this seems weak both physically and visually. Instead we settle on two joints at each corner, centered on the adjacent faces of the column. We add to the detail the Structure/Enclosure Joints where the backup wall meets the columns. We don't bother to insert movement joints in the foam plastic insulation boards, because the foam is so weak and pliable that it simply compresses or expands very slightly as movement occurs.

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