Dimensional Tolerance

see that it is considered normal for a concrete building frame to be out of plumb by as much as 1" cither way, and a steel frame may be even farther out of plumb. It is evident that we cannot design a cladding system to be attached tightly to the spandrel beams of a building. The cladding for a building with a concrete frame should be installed in a plane that lies at least 1" outside the face of the spandrel beams, and a more generous distance than this would be wise, considering that building frames are not always built to accepted tolerances. In actual practice, a cladding installer measures the faces of a building frame with great precision before beginning work and establishes planes for the cladding that will clear the largest bulges on each face. The cladding attachment details must provide for a range of dimensional adjustment, using such devices as shims and slotted fastener holes, that allow for these tolerance dimensions (see Adjustable Fit, page 146).

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