Early Work On Materials And Details

We find from page 141 that the standard Dimensional Tolerance for a concrete frame is ±1" from a vertical plane; our details will have to take this into account.

There are three different wavs in j which we might go about applying a brick exterior to this building. One is to shop-fabricate the brickwork in large reinforced panels that can be trucked to the site, lifted, and attached to the building with relatively little on-site work. This is an attractive option, but we discard it for this project, because there are a number of excellent masonrv contractors in the area who will be able to construct the cladding in place at an economical price (Local Skills and Customs). Another option is to construct the cladding in place as a brick facing over a concrete masonry backup wall. We must weigh this against a third option, which is to construct the cladding in place but to use a steel stud backup wall rather than concrete masonry, probably at a significant saving in cost. Wc have studied this question in some detail, partly by observing constructed buildings of both types and partly by reading many current articles in technical journals. Wc conclude that there are unanswered questions concerning

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