Formulating An Approach To The Important Wall Functions

Thermal Insulation and Water Vapor For maximum security against water leakage, we will detail the exterior wall as a cavity wall. We sketch it freehand in section, working from outside to inside: It will consist of a brick facing, a cavity, a concrete masonry backup wall, and a furred interior wall facing of veneer plaster. It will probably need some additional thermal insulation to achieve the required R-19 value. We propose tentatively to accomplish some of this by using "blueboard" (veneer plaster base) with a bright foil backing. When applied to the furring strips, this will create a Reflective Surface and Airspace, as well as furnishing a Warm-Side Vapor Retarder. Using values from ASHRAE Fundamentals, we determine the thermal resistance of the wall components:

Thermal Resistance of Wall Components

Outside air film

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