Function Controlling Sound

NOISE reduction, acoustic privacy, and good hearing conditions are qualities we seek in almost every building. The details of a building contribute in important ways to achieving these qualities. To reduce noise inside a building we detail the exterior walls to exclude outdoor noise. We detail potentially noisy components of a building in such a way that they remain quiet. We use sound-absorbing materials within rooms to reduce noise levels from conversations and machinery. To achieve acoustic privacy, we detail interior doors, partitions, floors, and ductwork to reduce sound transmission between rooms to a minimum. For good hearing conditions, we reduce noise and provide an optimum combination and configuration of absorbing and reflecting surfaces within a room. Often it is advisable to work with a specialized consultant to achieve good acoustical qualities in a building, but many ordinary problems of noise, hearing, and privacy can be solved by means of four detail patterns:

Airtight, Heavy, Limp Partition (page 68) Cushioned Floor (page 71) Qiiiet Attachments (page 73) Sound-absorbing Surfaces (page 74)

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