Function Providing Structural Support

It's obviously important that a building have a structural frame that has been carefully laid out, calculated, and detailed so that it is stable and will not deflect excessively. Less obvious is the need to engineer smaller but still very important structures that are component parts of the larger building.

1. There arc many small, seemingly trivial structural problems that the de-tailcr must recognize and solve through standard engineering design procedures, working alone or with the help of a structural engineer:

• Rainwater gutters and downspouts and their attachments to the building must be strong enough to resist worst-case snow and ice loadings.

• Fascias and sof fits at the eaves of a wood frame building often need special support details. These must provide a solid base for nailing.

• Any component of an exterior rain-screen wall that acts as an air barrier must be designed to resist full wind pressures and suctions, even if it is only a small weatherstrip gasket.

• Masonry ties need to be checked for strength and rigidity to prevent deflection and cracking of the face veneer under wind loads.

• Backup walls of concrete masonry need to be designed to carry wind loads and to transmit them to the building frame; this often requires steel reinforcing and special attachment details for the top of the wall. Steel stud backup walls must be

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