access. A percentage of the lavatory basins must be designed to allow a wheelchair to move in underneath, and their fittings must be of a type that can be operated by persons with impaired hand and arm dexterity. Showers and bathtubs require grab bars and access dimensions for wheelchairs.

Reception and sales counters must be designed with lower sections for the use of wheelchair users.

4. Drinking fountains must be of specified types that allow a wheelchair occupant access to the stream of water, and the valve must be operable by persons with impaired hand and arm dexterity. Public telephones must meet accessibility requirements.

5. Dwelling units designed for occupancy by handicapped persons general lv must feature casv access from

ground level, wide doorways and generous vestibules, handicapped toilet and bathing facilities, and kitchen cabinets, appliances, and storage facilities that are designed to be accessible from a wheelchair.

6. Building codes specify minimum numbers of wheelchair spaces in assembly halls, such as athletic arenas, audi-

toriums, concert halls, opera houses, and theaters. Accessibility and space requirements are spelled out in considerable detail. ■

one hundred fifteen

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