each joint. Usually sealant joint spacing is determined by the desired sizes of the panels or sheet materials that make up a wall.

Generally, a sealant joint should not be narrower than V\" (6 mm). A joint narrower than this is difficult to make and has little ability to absorb move-

ment. Joints can be as wide as 1-2" (25-50 mm), depending on the ability of the sealant not to sag out of the joint before it has cured. The depth of sealant in a joint should be equal to half the width of the joint, but not less than XA" (6 mm) or more than Vi (13 mm). Thus, a V\" wide joint should be V\" deep (6 mm X 6 mm), a wide joint should be W deep (19 mm X 9 mm), and a 1XA" wide joint should be W deep (32 mm X 13 mm).

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