Unacceptable 1 Handrail Profiles

Generally Acceptable

3. Guardrails must be provided to prevent people from falling over the edge of any abrupt change in floor level. Minimum guardrail heights are specified in the building codes, but it is often desirable to make the guardrail higher to avoid unpleasant psychological feelings of danger. A guardrail around a court or an atrium should be at a height that is comfortable to lean on with the elbows.

The balusters or other infill between the guardrail and the edge of the floor must be spaced closely enough so that an unsupervised small child cannot slip through. Research has shown that the maximum clear opening within a guardrail should be no more than 4" (100 mm), and many building codes now use this figure. Even if the applicable code allows a larger dimension than this, it would be wise to stick to the 4" figure, because larger dimensions arc demonstrably unsafe. Horizontal balusters are generally legal, but if balusters are vertical, it is verv difficult m for a child to climb over the guardrail.

Building codes often require that there be a sol id kick strip several inches high at the base of a guardrail. Its function is to prevent debris on the floor

(100 mm) maximum

(100 mm) maximum

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