I N order for water to penetrate through a building assembly, three conditions must all occur at the same time:

1. There must be an opening through the assembly.

2. There must be water present at the opening.

3. There must be a force to move the water through the opening.

II any one of these three conditions is not met, water will not penetrate the assembly.

In designing any exterior detail, therefore, we can pursue one or more of three strategies:

1. We can try to eliminate all the openings in the assembly.

2. We can try to keep water away from any openings.

3. We can try to neutralize all the forces that can move water through openings.

Complete success in any one of these three strategies will result in the complete elimination of water leaks. But sometimes in detailing we pursue two of these strategies or even all diree of them at the same time, because this gives added security in case one of them fails due to poor workmanship or building deterioration. Let us consider each of these strategies briefly, and list the detail patterns that relate to each.

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