Warm Interior Surfaces

3. Air-conditioning ducts that pass through nonconditioncd space often have surface temperatures below the dew point of the surrounding air. They must be wrapped with insulation and an outside vapor retarder to prevent condensation. Ducts that run within the conditioned space carry air that is only slightly cooler than the room air, so condensation does not occur and insulation is not required.

4. A basement wall of concrete o masonrv stavs cool in the summc j j because of the vast thermal mass of th soil outside. Even a basement that is i dry- soil will often become damp an musty because of water condensing o the cool interior side of the walls. Th best answer to this problem is to us plastic foam to insulate the basemei wall on the outside, between the wa and the soil. This allows the interic

Controlling Water Vapor: Warm Interior Surfaces

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