FIGURE 64 Mark Foster Gage Final Blue copy

process. The fear of the blank page may originate from the lack of stimulation, because boundaries create opportunities for judgment and critique.

Gage writes about how the process of review changed the purpose of the sketch: ' [t]his one was actually a digitally scripted study in form. It was originally going to be a library in the Czech

Republic but didn't really work the way we wanted it to. So then "surface" magazine wanted it and turned it into a desktop organizer. ' 1 If a sketch is the medium to facilitate a process then this digital image is functioning as a sketch. It ' speaks' to the architects in a dialogue that decides its appropriateness. When viewing some of the digital musings by architects, the images may appear distinctly personal, but the fact that not everyone can perceive the information they hold does not diminish their value. This is the manner of sketches and, similarly, hand sketches may not be use-able, or decipherable, by anyone except their author.

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