Figure 66 Julio Bermudez Bennett Neiman Tim Castillo Digital Analog Studio

Julio Bermudez, University of Utah, Bennett Neiman, Texas Tech University, Tim Castillo, University of New Mexico. Student project; Team 05 (12 a-model 3) Andrew Berry, Stephen Hunter, Tess Rigel

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I would like to thank Stefanie Leontiadis, former graduate assistant at the University of Hartford, for her help with the initial research of images. I would also like to recognize Dmitry Kulikov of the University of Hartford and Erald Kokalari of Ryerson University for their assistance with digital reproduction at various stages of the project. My appreciation goes to Caitlin Bailey who edited much of the text and provided helpful insight.

I would like to thank the University of Hartford for assistance with a research grant and Ryerson University with development funds to help purchase illustrations.

I truly appreciate the generosity of the architects whose sketches are illustrated here. Their assistance, and enthusiasm for the project, was critical to the realization of this book.

I also would like to thank my family, and especially my husband Albert C. Smith, whose support means so much to me.

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