There was a time when I thought this book was going to be virtually a solo production. But as it took shape and neared completion, I became gratefully indebted to a number of people for all sorts of assistance.

My students, using photocopied drafts of the text for my theory course in recent years, have provided gratifying encouragement. John Hearn, my son, read and commented on several versions of the text along the way and wrote the time line. Kai Gutschow, historian of architecture, read the first draft and gave many helpful suggestions. Anthony Serba, architect, read the penultimate draft and corrected a number of errors. I also thank Thomas Kozachek for his meticulous editing of the final draft on behalf of the MIT Press.

Claudia Funke, Rare Books Librarian at the Avery Library of Columbia University, went well beyond the call of duty in making available to me many rare original editions of treatises written before i800. Ray Anne Lockard, Frick Fine Arts Librarian in the University of Pittsburgh, and Mar-cia Rostek and Margaret Gill, her assistants, have been enormously helpful in finding volumes and facilitating interlibrary loans.

For preparation of the illustrations, Debra Doty of the Frick Fine Arts Virtual Reality Laboratory provided technical assistance on numerous occasions. Kai Gutschow, Jana

Hearn, Anthony Serba, Ann Thomas Wilkins, and David Wilkins have generously contributed photographs or other visual materials for the illustrations. Elizabeth Scanlon at Venturi Scott Brown Associates, Cynthia Davidson at Peter Eisenman Architects, John Outram of John Outram Associates, and Priscilla Philippi of the Jordan Tourism Board have arranged donations of photographs. Claudia Ponton at Art Resource, Margo Stipe at the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Amy Bisonnette at the Chicago Art Institute, John Ferry at the Buckminster Fuller Archive, and Fernanda Meza at the Artists Rights Society, have graciously gone out of their way to see that I got the illustrations and/or permissions I needed.

At the University of Pittsburgh, grants to pay for the illustrations were awarded from the Richard D. and Mary Jane Edwards Fund and from the Center for West European Studies. Linda Hicks, administrative assistant of the History of Art and Architecture Department, made all the administrative processes go smoothly.

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