It would be tedious to name all the architects who were kind enough to provide information for the case studies in this book, in terms of the diagrams and images of their work; for this it will be sufficient to refer to the case studies where they are shown, for which I am most grateful.

As to others I would like to express my gratitude to four lighting consultant practices who have provided information of their daylighting design work. These are Max Fordham, Buro Happold, DPA Lighting Consultants, and Hoare Lee; all these offices were most generous with their time and assistance.

As to others, I would particularly thank David Loe for his advice and guidance, together with the many other people who have been unstinting in providing information. The faults you may find in this book are all mine. I should perhaps add that this book is the last in the series of books I have written on the subject of lighting for Architectural Press, and in saying this, to thank their staff for producing what I hope will be seen as both a well designed and useful series.

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Part 1

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