Architect Architects CoPartnership ACP Engineer TG Armstrong and Partners Client London Borough of Enfield

The secondary school at Enfield was atypical PFI project, built by contractors Laing Ltd with designs by architects ACP. The classroom designs had to meet the requirements of the London Borough of Enfield, where the illumination levels required were given as 300500 lux, depending upon the activity within.

The enclosed plans indicate an E-shaped configuration of classrooms with daylight entering from windows either side, with a linear pitched rooflight down the centre to balance the daylight.

Each classroom had to be designed to a specific floor area requirement, which resulted in a structural grid size of 7.5 m by 7.5 m being determined.

A further daylighting requirement suggested that the depth of all classrooms should not exceed 7 m. The room heights were standardized at 2.985 m, with a cill height of 0.95 m in order to ensure that the

Plan at ground level

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