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The Faculty of Education was relocated to join the main UWE campus at Frenchay, outside Bristol, requiring the master planning and landscaping of an area to the south-west of the University campus. After discussion, it was agreed that the building should be modelled on a contemporary working environment, but at the same time the brief aspired to create a model teaching environment, incorporating all the facilities to be found in primary and secondary schools. There appeared to be no contradiction in these two scenarios.

The lighting strategy agreed was as follows:

• To provide appropriate levels of lighting for a range of teaching, administration and social spaces

• To make the most effective use of natural light to reduce running costs and CO2 emissions, and to enjoy the varying qualities of the natural source

• To relate the building to its external environment and landscaping.

As can be gained from the diagrams, the large amount of space required by a University faculty is broken down into four wings connected by a double height social and communication space.

By breaking upthe accommodation into a series of parallel wings the architect met the brief to provide naturally lit teaching spaces, whilst the interconnecting 'street' was unified by the overhead daylighting. The whole provides a very human environment.

The extensive use of controlled natural light in the teaching wings reduces the heat load and energy consumption of artificial lighting. Temperatures are allowed to fluctuate more widely in the street which acts as a passive solar modifier to the rest of the building.

The accompanying photographs show clearly the success of the double height street, together with the external spaces or courtyards between the wings as experienced from outside and within the building, meeting the brief for a unity between the internal/ external environment and the landscaping.

The plans showing the linkage of the street to the individual wings formed by the teaching areas. A. Ground floor; B. First floor

View of the courtyard from the interior

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