Jubilee Line Extension Stratford

Wilkinson Eyre

The situation here is entirely different. It is an 'above ground' station, in which passengers enter the trains which run inside the building at the same level as the ticket office.

There are two storeys, required to allow passengers to walk above the trains along the rear of the hall.

The daylighting problem was solved more by the nature of the structure, since this in itself ensured a building of sufficient height, more akin to a sports hall, with its large areas of high level glazing around all sides of the building. The final solution, with its solid roof and large side windows, provides a well daylit space where, during the day, there is no need for artificial lighting any more than there would be on an open platform.

The curved soffit to the underside ofthe roof was designed in collaboration with the UCL Laboratories as a reflecting light surface to bounce light down into the concourse space. This has been achieved by the design of a purpose made aluminium extrusion, perforated for acoustic purposes.

To ensure that the ceiling does not appear dark in contrast, it is uplit by artificial lighting from specially designed uplighters mounted on the maintenance gantry at low level. These throw light up to the ceiling and provide an even intensity of light in the concourse.

Plan at platform level


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