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Position of test cells for illuminance measurements

Position of test cells for illuminance measurements

The artificial sun uses a lamp in a parabolic reflector to simulate the sun's parallel rays of light


1. The open-plan studios located at the top of the building were well daylit having average daylight factors of over 5 per cent, with good uniformity across the spaces.

2. The average daylight factors predicted for the studios located on the ground and first floor were significantly lower, with average daylight factors lower than relevant guidelines.

3. The disparity between average daylight factors achieved for rooms located on different floors was larger than desirable.

4. The removal of the solid wall adjacent to the atrium increased the average daylight factors within each of the applicable studios and improved uniformity of daylight across the spaces. The increase in average daylight factors resulting from this improvement was not sufficient to ameliorate the deficiencies indicated above.

The results led the architect to reconsider the size and layout of the external glazing to specific areas of the building in order to increase the daylight levels within the ground and first floor studios. The addition of glazing to the partition wall was considered in order to increase the daylight penetration to the rear of the studios; increasing the amount of glazing within these walls would also improve the visual connection between the working areas of the building and adjacent circulation spaces. This was an important consideration in the lighting for working areas.

In conclusion, it is not suggested that methods of calculation or computer simulation are not relevant, but the more complicated the building, the more difficult, time consuming and expensive will they become, to a point where the study of simple models either in the exterior atmosphere or below an artificial sky, taken with their other advantages of simple modification to take into account necessary change and visual inspection, make them a worthwhile consideration.

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