Sainsbury Greenwich


Lighting Consultants Client

Chetwood Associates Pinniger and Partners Sainsbury's Supermarkets

The brief to the lighting consultants, working in close liaison with the m&e consultants, Faber Maunsell, was to develop 'an environmentally responsible lighting scheme,' in which the natural and artificial lighting would be closely integrated.

The building was designed by the architects, Chetwood Associates as the lowest energy supermarket, 50 per cent lower than conventional stores. The daylighting was achieved by an innovative roof design, incorporating eight high-angled north-facing rooflights, arranged in asawtooth pattern occupying 20 per cent of the roof area. The daylighting design results in a high daylight factor (DF) of between 5 and 9 per cent.

Each window is equipped with motorized aluminium louvres, operated by photo-sensor

u Plan of the store control, specified by Faber Maunsell. These measure the available daylight and floor illuminance levels, opening and closing as required. At dusk they close completely, preventing upward spill light which would otherwise result in 'light pollution'.

The final result is an excellent combination of natural with artificial light, the natural light providing the general impression of the store being daylit; with the artificial light concentrated on providing the individual light to the goods, as specified by Sainsbury to be 1000 lux on the vertical services of the gondolas.

The vertical light is provided by luminaires mounted on specially designed brackets from the gondolas.

The store was completed in October 1999, described as the 'Millenium Superstore' it is a great credit tothe client in initiating the concept of a 'daylit store,' associated with a low energy artificial lighting solution. The energy used for the artificial lighting has been stated as 25 watts/m2, in a situation where the intangible value of the daylit interior of the store makes it a unique solution.

u Plan of the store

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Cross and long sections


Detail through the roof, to show the contours of the northlights

General view of the checkout area

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