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amount of available daylight would reach the minimum standards set. This led to a window area of 65 per cent of the external wall.

Windows are double glazed, with the external pane comprising low emissivity 'grey' tinted glass, to reduce solar gain. Windows to the south, west and east have all been fitted with internal blinds between the double glazed panes, to provide individual control when required. Ventilation is achieved by top hung opening lights.

The engineers provided a daylight analysis forthe sports hall, which indicated an average daylight factor of 3.8 per cent from a small area of overhead daylighting, which whilst lower than Ministry guidelines, was thought to provide 300 lux over the floor area for 75 per cent of daylight hours.

The control of the artificial lighting is by manual switching in the individual areas; since there is no BEMS there is no opportunity for daylight linking, and it is left very much up to the person in charge of the classroom to make decisions as to whether the artificial lighting is required to supplement the daylighting at any particular time. Whilst savings in energy are in the hands of staff, the excellent daylighting allows savings in lighting energy to be made provided that there is determined management.

External elevation, main entrance

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