Squires Offices 77 Wicklow Street

Architect and lighting design Squire and Partners, Architects Client Squire and Partners

The architectural practice of Squire and Partners has converted the ground and basement floors of a 1930s industrial warehouse into offices fortheir architectural practice.

It is clear that the daylighting strategy has been influential in the creation of what is a most successful conversion. The lower ground floor originally had no natural light; so the ground floor slab was cut back 6 m either side, with full height glazing at street level, allowing daylight to permeate both of the open plan floors. Clearly the daylight factors in the central areas at each level will not provide sufficient light for the office, which is lit by artificial sources, but it gives that all-

important daylight 'feel' with views to the outside far from the side windows.

The photographs indicate the quality of the spaces provided, which include the entrance hall, general architects' office space, committee rooms, cafeteria, and storage areas.

Ground floor plan
Axonometrie of the overall layout
Lower ground to show the set back ground floor, close to the roadside
The cafeteria

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