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If you are one of the many people suffering from high blood sugar or diabetes, this is the solution that you have been looking for. This ebook from Duke Anderson can teach you how to reverse the symptoms that you are facing in less than 3 weeks from your OWN home! It doesn't have to be hard to help your blood sugar get to where it needs to be Don't make it any harder! This is the solution that you need to get your blood sugar under control. You don't have to undergo dangerous, expensive surgery, leave scars from needles, or spend huge amounts of money on pharm drugs that end up doing nothing for you. The blood sugar problems that you have are reversible and curable, if you know the methods to use! And you can learn those methods inside this book. This book will mean a lifestyle change for you!

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Highly Recommended

I started using this book straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

When compared to other ebooks and paper publications I have read, I consider this to be the bible for this topic. Get this and you will never regret the decision.

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Stress And Anxiety In Relation To Daylight

Abnormally high levels of cortisol increase blood pressure and blood sugar levels, may cause infertility in women, and suppress the immune system. At normal levels cortisol is involved in proper glucose metabolism, regulation of blood pressure, insulin release for blood sugar maintenance, and a healthy functioning immune system. Too much or too little cortisol has been implicated in numerous illnesses ranging from depression, cancer, and AIDS, to Alzheimer's disease (Sapse, 1997). Our body needs cortisol but only in the right amount.

Sunlight And Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic metabolism disorder characterized by hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). The World Health Organization recognizes two main forms of diabetes type-one and type-two and a third that can occur during pregnancy (gestational diabetes). In type-one diabetes, injection of insulin is mandatory because the beta cells of the pancreas produce no insulin, a hormone that moves the sugar from the blood to the cells. In the case of type-two diabetes, insulin may or may not be needed. Sunlight has a direct effect on insulin secretion. Exposure to UV-B radiation has been shown to increase insulin secretion among adults (Colas et al., 1988). Similarly, lower levels of blood sugar (therefore higher insulin secretion) were observed during summer (Ishii et al., 2001). The Colas and Ishii studies dealt with sunlight and relationship to type-two diabetes. Other studies, however, examined the relationship between vitamin D and diabetes. The insulin-producing cells in the pancreas have...