palmately compound palmately lobed or cleft or parted or divided

In botanical terms, the varying depths of a palmate leaf's divisions that are not cut completely to the base.

palmatifid A botanical term describing a plant part that is more or less deeply cut in palmate fashion.

palustrine wetland Wetlands that are not dependent on streams, lakes, or ocean waters.

pane A small sheet of glass used for placement as a window. Large glass windows are usually referred to as sheets. These panes are often

palmate leaf veins

referred to as lights after they are installed. A window may be divided into several lights.

panel board A group of electrical breaker switches controlling electrical circuits.

paneling Sheets of material placed as surface treatment on a structure or frame.

panel pin A very small finish nail.

panicle (inflorescence) In botanical terms, an open flower cluster like a raceme, but more or less compound (branched).

panicle inflorescence

paniculate A botanically descriptive term of a plant having flowers borne in panicles.

pannose A botanical term, densely and closely tomentose.

palmately compound

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