adenophorus bearing glands adiantfolius, adiantifolia, adiantifolium foliage like the Maidenhair fern (Adiantum)

adiantoides like the Maidenhair fern ( Adiantum)

adnatus, adnata, adnatum united, joined, or attached adonidifolius, adonidifolia, adonidifolium foliage like that of Adonis adpressus, adpressa, adpressum pressed together adscendens, adscending pointing or moving upward adsurgens rising in an upright form, ascending aduncus hooked aegyptiacus, aegyptiaca, aegyptiacum; aegypticus, aegyptica, aegypticum

Egyptian aequalis, aequale equal aequilobus, aequiloba, aequilobum equally lobed aequitrilobus, aequitriloba, aequitrilobum having three lobes that are equal aesculifolius, aesculifolia, aesculifolium having leaves similar to a buckeye or horse chestnut (Aesculus)

aestivalis, aestivale of summer aestivus, aestiva, aestivum developing or becoming ripened in summer aethiopicus, aethiopica, aethiopicum

African or Ethiopian aetnensis, aetnense of Mount Etna, in Sicily affinis, affine related or similar to; of, or related africanus, africana, africanum African agavoides resembling an Agave ageratifolius, ageratifolia, ageratifolium having leaves like Ageratum ageratoides resembling Ageratum aggregatus, aggregate, aggregatum grouped or clustered agrarius, agraria, agrarium associated with fields agrestis, agreste of the fields agrifolius, agrifolia, agrifolium having rough leaves aizoides resembling Aizoon alabamensis, alabamense from Alabama alatus, alata, alatum winged albescens whitish, or becoming white albicans off-white, becoming white albicaulis having white stems albidus, albida, albidum whitish, or white albiflorus white-flowered albifrons having white fronds albiplenus, albiplena, albiplenum having double white flowers albispinus, albispina, albispinum having white spines albomaculatus, albomaculata, albomaculatum spotted with white albopictus, albopicta, albopictum painted with white albopilosus, albopilosa, albopilosum white and hairy alboplenus, alboplena, alboplenum having double white flowers

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