atlanticus, atlantica, atlanticum from areas close to the Atlantic Ocean or the Atlas Mountains, Nth Africa atratus, atrata, atratum blackened atriplicifolius, atriplicifolia, atriplicifolium having leaves like Atriplex atropurpureus, atropurpurea, atropurpureum dark purple atrorubens dark red atrosanguineus, atrosanguinea, atrosanguineum dark blood red atroviolaceus, atroviolacea, atroviolaceum dark violet atrovirens dark green attenuatus, attenuate, attenuatum narrowing to a point aubrietioides looking like Aubrieta augustifolium having foliage augustissimus, augustissima, augustissimum majestic, outstanding, or prominent augustus, augusta, augustum majestic, outstanding aurantiacus, aurantiaca, aurantiacum; aurantius, aurantia, aurantium having an orange color aurantifolius, aurantifolia, aurantifolium having leaves resembling orange (Citrus aurantium) plants auratus, aurata, auratum decorated with gold aureomaculatus, aureomaculata, aureomaculatum gold spots aureomarginatus, aureomarginata, aureomarginatum having edges with gold aureoreticulatus, aureoreticulata, aureoreticulatum having gold veins aureovariegatus, aureovariegata, aureovariegatum having variegations of gold aureus, aurea, aureum golden auricomus, auricoma, auricomum having golden hairs auriculatus, auriculate, auriculatum having an ear-like appendage or appendages australiensis, australiense Australian australis, australe southern austriacus, austriaca, austriacum Austrian autumnalis, autumnale of autumn axillaries, axillare carried or produced in axils axillary in an axil azaleoides looking like azaleas azoricus, azorica, azoricum of the Azores azureus, azurea, azureum sky-blue, azure babylonicus, babylonica, babylonicum from Babylonia baccans berry-like or having berries baccatus, baccata, baccatum berry-like baccifer, baccifera, bacciferum bearing berries bacillaris, bacillare stick-like balcanicus, balcanica, balcanicum of the

Balkan Peninsula baldensis, baldense from Monte Baldo, Italy balearicus, balearica, balearicum of the

Balearic Islands

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