brashy Wood that is weak and brittle.

brass A copper alloy having zinc as its principal element.

brass pipe A tubular metal manufactured from an alloy of 85% copper and 15% zinc.

braze To join pieces of metal with metal alloy of nonferrous metal (solder) that melts at a temperature above 800F and provides a hardened connection.

BRC Abbreviation for bronze.

break A term sometimes used to describe a mutant plant.

breaker 1. A machine that crushes rocks. 2. Breaker switch.

breaker box 1. A metal enclosure (box) housing breaker switches. It also often houses a main electrical switch that will turn off all electricity.

breaker box

breaker switch A switch in an electrical system that controls electricity flowing to outlets, lights, and/or electrical devices, and flips to the off position when there is a short in the line. This is a safety feature to assist in avoiding fire and/or shock.

break horsepower The mechanical power supplied by an engine or motor determined by a friction break or dynamometer applied to the shaft or flywheel.

breaking ground The start of excavation work that begins a construction project.

breakwater 1. An artificial earthen (soil, rock, concrete, rubble, boulders) barrier in a water body, extending above the water surface and perpendicular to the shoreline. It is generally used to change the natural littoral drift, to protect inlet entrances from clogging with excess sediment, or to protect a harbor area from waves created by boats, winds, or water currents. 2. A overing of a shoreline area with heavy rock, boulders, concrete pieces, etc. to prevent erosion of the shoreline.


breast drill A hand-operated drill with an end that can be braced against one's chest for additional force.

breeching fitting A symmetrical Y-shaped pipe fitting used to unite two parallel pipes.

breezeway A covered passageway connecting two spaces.

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