buccinatorius, buccinatoria, buccinatorium; buccinatus, buccinata, buccinatum resembling a crooked horn buddleoides like Buddleia bulbifer, bulbifera, bulbiferum having bulbs bulbiformis, bulbiforme bulb-shaped bulbosus, bulbosa, bulbosum bulbous or quite swollen bulgaricus, bulgarica, bulgaricum from

Bulgaria bullatus, bullata, bullatum blistered or puckered (bullate)

burmanicus, burmanica, burmanicum from Burma, now Myanmar buxifolius, buxifolia, buxifolium having leaves like boxwood (Buxus)

byzantinus, byzantina, byzantinum from Istanbul (Byzantium)

cachemiricus, cachemirica, cachemir-icum from Kashmir caerulescens turning blue, or bluish caeruleus, caerulea, caerulum dark blue caesius, caesia, caesium bluish-gray caespitosus, caespitosa, caespitosum clump making calabricus, calabrica, calabricum of

Calabria, Italy calamifolius, calamifolia, calamifolium with reed-like foliage calathinus, calathina, calathinum basketlike calcaratus, calcarata, calcaratum having spurs calcareous, calcarea, calcareum loving lime calcicola growing in soil with lime calendulaceus, calendulacea, calendulaceum orange-colored as with flowers of Calendula californicus, californica, californicum of

California callianthus, calliantha, callianthum having beautiful flowers callicarpus, callicarpa, callicarpum having beautiful fruit callimorphus, callimorpha, callimor-phum beautifully made or shaped callistachyus, callistachya, callistachyum beautiful spikes callistegiodes like Calystegia callizonus, callizona, callizonum having beautiful bands or zones callosus, callosa, callosum calloused, tough-surfaced, or thick-skinned calocephalus, calocephala, calocephalum having a beautiful head calophyllus, calophylla, calophyllum with beautiful leaves calycinus, calycina, calycinum calyx-like cambricus, cambrica, cambricum of Wales (Cambria)

camelliflorus, camelliflora, camelliflorum with flowers like Camellia campaniflorus, campaniflora, campani-florum flowers shaped like bells campanuloides like Campanula campestris, campestre of the fields, or plains

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