Check valve

with tractors for lifting, with block and tackle, on trencher booms with teeth to dig, or for holding equipment while in transport, etc. Smaller chains are used on chain saws or between pulleys in transferring force from an engine, etc.

chain-link fence A fence made of heavy, interwoven, steel wire to make a fabric that is usually galvanized for durability. This mesh is stretched between posts to provide a barrier fence. It can be made more aesthetically pleasing by coating with plastic vinyl, etc., in colors such as brown, green, or black, and by sliding colored slats through the fabric.

chain saw A handheld, power cutting tool with a rotating chain and embedded teeth that cut through wood.

chain trencher A machine used for digging trenches, with a rotating continuous metal chain outfitted with teeth blades that dig.

chalk 1. An alkaline soil composed of decomposing and fossilized shells. It is whitish, grayish, or yellowish in color. 2. Used in a pull-string (chalk line) to mark materials for cutting or for placement. 3. A calcareous, light-colored limestone that is soft.

chalk line A string covered with chalk stretched tightly over a surface, pulled and then let go at the center to snap a line on the surface marked with the chalk. This line is often used for cutting or marking a place of attachment.

chamfer A symmetrical beveled cut or beveled edge. It is usually on a right-angled edge and is a 45° angle surface to the other main surfaces.

champaign A term used mostly by the French to describe a large, open, fairly flat countryside.

change order A document showing change in the work or cost of a contract.

channel The deeper portion of a water flow way that has faster current, water flow, and pressure.

channel bar See channel iron.

channel block A hollow masonry unit with openings to accept a continuous steel reinforcement and grout.

channeled In botanical terms, hollowed out like a gutter, or marked with one or more deep, longitudinal grooves.

channel iron A metal rod with a U-shaped cross section.

channelization The creation of a channel or channels producing faster water flow, a reduction in hydraulic residence time, and less contact between the water and solid surfaces under the water body.

charcoal A partially burned wood piece that absorbs gases filling pore spaces from decaying matter and keeps soil sweet smelling. It is useful in containers, pots, or confined planters.

charette A concentrated design effort in an academic atmosphere to complete a project within a time limit.

chartaceous In plant identification and description, papery in texture.

chase A groove or recess in a wall provided for piping or other utilities.

check A small crack in wood that has been dried too quickly or steel that has been cooled too quickly. Checks in wood run parallel to the grain and across growth rings.

check valve A valve that automatically permits liquid to flow in just one direction. May be used to prevent water in the landscape from entering the city water main where it would

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